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HOW OfficeLets WORKS

See how simple it is.


Simple Transactions

We’ve reimagined the search for workspaces and rewritten the book on getting them. All so you can easily start a lease—in just one day.

Unlike traditional leases and subleases—which need to be drafted, negotiated and reviewed—our standard license agreements eliminate the need for attorneys and encourage seamless, speedy transactions.

If you see a space you like, you can be in it by tomorrow. And you don’t have to worry about painting, carpeting or installing furniture or Internet. We have it all covered so you can hit the ground running.
Our transparent, surprise-free pricing structure eliminates all negotiations, saving you time, money and headaches. This gives you the freedom to think on a big level and perform on an even bigger one.
“OfficeLets transforms an archaic time-consuming process and condenses it into an efficient innovative process that makes it easy and fun. OfficeLets is a win for all businesses looking to find a new home.”
Parallel Risk Advisors


Curated Listings

Where do our awesome offices come from? Our hosts are either property owners with finished space or existing businesses with extra space.
Our team approves every listing to make sure all of our spaces meet our standards. Because we want you to see the best.
We have a dedicated team working to provide you with a wide range of location and pricing options. So you’re guaranteed to find the right space.
Suites – A collection of adjacent offices and workspaces. Open Workspaces – Desks or communal tables in open areas. Private Offices – Enclosed offices, each with four walls and a door. Cubicles – Partially enclosed workspaces separated by partitions.
“OfficeLets streamlines the process for our prospective members, and we appreciate the quick turnaround. We found OfficeLets to be a customizable product with a user-friendly format, they’ve driven results.”

Emerging Technology Centers (ETC)


Unmatched Flexibility

We’re flexible so you can be, too. Whether you want more space or just a completely different place, we’ll easily accommodate all your changing needs.
All you have to do is commit to the space you need today. If you need to expand your team, it’s simple to add additional space. Just repeat the process.
Using your credit card or ACH withdrawals, you’ll be billed on the first of every month. If you ever need to terminate your agreement, simply provide 30 days advance notice.
Sometimes, you just don’t know until you get there. That’s why we allow you to work one day in a new office to make sure it’s the right fit. If it isn’t, we’ll help you find another option and release you from your initial 30-day commitment.
“OfficeLets is simple, yet effective. It clearly displays all the options available to the prospective Guest. We went from casually exploring to moving into office space within two weeks, and the turnaround could have been even quicker!”

Oehrig & Mailman, LLC


Easy Hosting

Activate your vacant space. You could always use the extra revenue…or just a little company. List your space and we’ll handle the rest.
Create a powerful, image-rich listing in minutes. Upon approval, your listing will be showcased to thousands of companies on the move. We advertise your space, so you don’t have to.
We broke down the convoluted transactional process. Standardized legal agreements, no-haggle pricing and online processing allow you to welcome a new guest in as little as a day.
We make sure you get paid every month. Our trusted processor seamlessly collects payments from your guest(s) via credit card or ACH on the first of every month then electronically deposits to your bank account on the 15th. It’s that simple.
“Technology is evolving rapidly and is just starting to enhance our ability to reach small tenants efficiently. We feel that OfficeLets is at the leading edge and they have proven to be a great resource.”

Mid-Atlantic Properties, Inc.